I’m Moving to France? // Pre-departure Musings

Bonjour, and welcome to my blog.  I’ve been trying to write this post to sum up my upcoming (aka tomorrow) move to France for a few weeks now but c’est la vie. Now I’m sitting in a Chicago airport waiting to take an 8+ hour flight to a country I’ve never been to before…


I’ve been preparing for this move all summer, but after looking everywhere finally finding my terminal, and a seat near a charging station, everything finally started to sink in. My decision to go to France, and the application process, was a bit of a whirlwind. But thanks to the support and encouragement of family and friends, an awesome French professor who helped me get my life together, and a lot of waiting/good vibes/prayers, I’m finally on my way to Gérardmer!

I know there are things I’m going to miss about the states (i.e. having Mexican food so readily available) but there are also things I won’t miss (#politics). But more importantly, there are so many things I’m excited to learn and experience abroad.

This blog is so that people can creep on me (not sketchy), and find out more about my time abroad, but also so I can document my adventures/struggles/etc. while spending time abroad. However, this blog is also going to be real talk. It’s going to be about students who don’t listen, the french people I can’t understand, and even some FOMO from the happenings at home (aka homesickness when the French don’t celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, or my fam is too far away at Christmas). Stay tuned for selfies, pictures of food, awkward situations, bad French, and more.

If you have questions about my my move you can find some answers here. Otherwise feel free to hit me up on email, Facebook, or look at my cliché Instagram #KaitlinVsLeMonde


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