Small Town Introductions // Gérardmer, France

After a few struggles with my bank account and the trains in France, I finally made it to Gérardmer! The last couple of weeks has mostly been me getting to the students, my new french colleagues, and the school (I can’t get used to the bell schedule tbh). Surprisingly, the weather has been pretty nice out here in the Vosges so far, and I’ve been able to walk around Gérardmer to get a feel for the small city.

img_4731The lake is beautiful, as is the mountain scenery. I’m sure it will be beautiful when it snows and I can look at it from my warm, cozy room. They say we may get a meter of snow and I am so not about that life even if the students tell me to learn to ski.

Gérardmer is a tourist city meaning there are usually only 9,000-ish people living here until summer hits or the snow falls. The teachers say as many as 30,000 people could be staying in Gérardmer during those times so yay more people! Even though its petite (and has no. train. station.) it’s still so cute!


During my first weekend, one of the english teachers invited me over for lunch and a “nature walk.” What I didn’t know was that dinner meant multiple courses including homemade tart and a couple of glasses of wine. I also didn’t know that the “nature walk” meant hiking up Le Honeck for 2+ hours, but it still made for a good Sunday. The views alone were worth it.


Can’t wait to see what my time in France will bring!

xx, Kaitlin


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