Fête des Lumières // Lyon, France

Each year, the city of Lyon puts on the Fêtes des Lumières. This festival of lights dates back to a time when Lyon promised to pay tribute to Mary (Marie in France), mother of Jesus, if they city was spared from the plague. Back in thescreen-shot-2016-12-12-at-10-25-48-pm day, this involved putting candles in the windows of homes and now, the festival includes projected light shows on buildings, statues, and cathedrals, as well as various installations. There’s even processions through the city and a “Merci Marie” light installation. I’ve heard so many great things aboutLyon that I added the city and its festival to my list of places to go while living abroad!

Thankfully, I found some other assistants to meet up with in the city! It’s always nice to meet other assistants, especially english assistants haha. Despite a small problem with an attempted break-in on the first night, we really lucked out with our Airbnb situation (get $35 off your first Airbnb trip). All around it was a good weekend filled with new friends, vin chaud, weird youtube videos, learning new Australian phrases (brekky for breakfast, seriously? Also still confused by “ute” but whatevs) and controversial topics such as the chicken burger versus chicken sandwich debate. For non-Americans reading this: it’s always a chicken sandwich… Don’t even get me started on the classic that is the PB&J.

Shoutout to my selfie stick for these squad photos and, after it died and wouldn’t connect via bluetooth anymore, for doubling as a point of reference when people get lost in the crowd.

Though I was only in Lyon for a couple of nights, I did my best to see as much as I could. Turns out, this mostly includes really old churches, Vieux Lyonsecret covered walkways, and more, but does not include the “Only Lyon” sign #basic. Luckily, the churches and views were beautiful despite the haziness caused by a peak in pollution.

And of course, the lights! If Lyon by day was beautiful, the light shows and installations only increased that beauty. Tis the season of too many “lit” jokes, though…amirite?

Needless to say, Lyon was good to me. I can’t wait to explore more of France!

xx, Kaitlin


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