Buda-Best // Budapest, Hungary

I’m going to be honest, Budapest was not really on my radar before I came to Europe. Sure, I saw pictures of the thermal baths, and the views, and all other things Budapest while browsing Pinterest, but it wasn’t on my “must-see” list. Lucky for me, I planned my trips to Prague and Vienna and realized I could fit in a few days in Budapest while I was already traveling in Central Europe. So, I took a bus and hung out for a few days before heading to Berlin, and I’m so happy I didn’t miss out.


Sometime during the last couple of months since my trip, I’ve found myself reliving my days in Budapest. Now, I can say it’s one of my favorite cities that I’ve visited in Europe. I can’t believe I almost missed it.

Here are some photos that illustrate how and why I think it’s one of the Buda-BEST cities in Europe lol.

Views and sunsets galore

Don’t mind me, I’m just here for old architecture, cathedrals, and tiles.

Ruin bars. They are hands down the coolest. I met some two-day friends (aka people you meet while solo traveling and hang out with for at least two days so you start saying you’re friends) while in Budapest. We headed to the highly recommended Szimpla Kert (left) for drinks and danced the night away in another ruin bar we found along the way. It was great! Especially with cheap drinks, English music, and late night pizza.

While I forgot to snap a photo, I can say that the time I managed to squeeze at the Gellert baths in Budapest helped ease my hangover and was a great way to end the trip. Sadly, I had catch a flight and didn’t get to spend the amount of time there I would’ve preferred but you can’t win them all. There were so many things I was able to do and see in Budapest, from Heroes’ Square to the funicular ride to Castle Hill, that I didn’t photograph (also the food aka chicken with Hungarian paprika) but I guess that’s how you know you’re enjoying yourself.

If you’ve never considered a trip to Budapest, I’m here to say you should change your mind. I’m already excited for my next trip. Cheap, lively, beautiful city…what’s not to like?

xx, Kaitlin


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