A Hidden Gem // Besançon, France

After spending a few days in Barcelona, I spent weekend in Besançon, France with another English assistant. Katie and I didn’t realize it was Easter weekend, so we spent most of our time in chinese buffet, walking in the wrong direction, climbing to the top of the citadel, or eating french-style loaded baked potatoes (twice in one day…oops).

There was also the awkward Airbnb situation. We stayed with a host and, finally, I slept in a comfortable bed. Our host was so nice, but made for some awkward times as she stared quietly at us while we ate or cooked. But she provided breakfast, and told us about Besançon, where she grew up.

Besançon was so cute, we even asked about changing our contract renewals.

So, here’s to one of the hidden gems of France.!



can’t forget my new fave restaurant, and the precious man who gave us free wine, and laughed when we came back to eat a second time in one day…






3 thoughts on “A Hidden Gem // Besançon, France

  1. Besançon is such a pretty little town – I remember visiting for a day with a couple of assistants when I was an ELA in Alsace. I really enjoyed having a wander round Victor Hugo’s house (and munching cake in a cafe nearby) while I was there.


      1. It’s always nice when you go somewhere with no expectations and find the place to be so charming. Just wandering round and trying out the local cafés is my sort of ideal day too!

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